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Recently I’ve been working on some redis profiling and research, and since we run several distinct redis instances at Plain Vanilla (due to reliability and configuration reasons) the necessity to record a certain amount of commands for several different redis instances became rather apparent.

Rather than relying on my usual redis-cli monitor > /some/file inside a screen, then remembering to ctrl+c after say 3600 seconds, I decided to script this for the benefit of my future self (and maybe others).


$ screen
$ ./ 3600 localhost > 3600-sec-redis-something.log
^A d

This will start a screen where the workload recorder will run for 3600 seconds. As can be seen from the code, the exit message will be printed to stderr so your output can be safely redirected into a file, which then can be read and replayed by something like this:

By running something like this:

$ cat 3600-sec-redis-something.log | python

Hope this benefits someone (other than my future self :-)

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